Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vacashun...Week Deuce

On week deuce of our fam'ly vacashun we dun left River City n headed to the woods o Ioway. We settled into a cabin with the coons n coyotes prowlin abouts, but not so different than our cabin in Neebraska. We took to relaxin n nappin n such...but the littlins tugged ol' Ma n Pa to enjoyin the wetter parts o the woods. We splashed amongst the fishes n scared a frog or two. Just take a look at what the brownie captured...

Cold water requires a quick in before you feel the shivers...

King o the raft...we thinks Kiki wrestled everyone off...
pushin Pa into the depths first.

Katie...don't let go! There be crocs in the water!

Heavy weights Pa n Uncle Jeff send Joe a flyin off the BLOB!


When we's got tuckered in nature's pond, we all headed to the cement pond. Slip n slide. You got just as wet...but in a wilder sort o way. Down the chute n thru the tunnel. There be a lot more to this than the pictures we be showin. We had so much fun that we forgot all about snappin pics with the brownie. What follers be just a samplin o what we did...

Ma n Ki creatin waves.

Cassie splashes out o the tunnel.

Joe...can't you steer this thing?


Back in the woods we dun dried out jus fine. Kiki then ventured out n discovered critters in needin of some luvin.

Tradin clover for horse slobber.

Hey Ma! It's Wilbur!

Finishin with the critters, Ki plays a newfangled
version o pool called carpet ball.


Course, vacashun be all about fam'ly. So we dun gathered together n tried gettin along. We congregated with cussins n gramps n grams n a assortment o drifters n a few blacksheep. Not sayin who the blacksheeps was, but someone dun pointed at Pa!

Table games...Pa cheated provin he was indeed
a blacksheep...if not just a little gray!

Weenie roastin with the cussins.

Bubba ate too many beans with his weenies, promptin an evacuation of the kinfolk that be sittin round him.


All in all, a pretty good week deuce...and it left us all plumb tired! But it was a joyful tired. You can bets we be tryin it all again next year!

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Charlie said...

Looks like a wonderful time!