Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Diving Board Shuffle

So what duz Pa do when the days become hotter than blazes? He heads on down to the big ol' cement pond to splash with the chilluns. Nothin like the cool o the water to wash away the heat o the day! Course the chilluns do their best to wrestle him down under, but Pa's back be stiffer than their strength!

After winnin the grapplin matches, Pa takes to tossin his bitty bobbers this way n that. You oughta hear them littlins screamin with delight!

Finally Pa makes his way to the high board to take a plunge into the depths. Course Pa be fraid of heights, but those 3 seconds o flyin excitement sets Pa's heart to racin somethin fierce n he likes the rush it all brings. However, the fear be seen in the moments before the plunge as Pa tiptoes n twists n wiggles his way to the end o the plank. Pa says one gots to be careful not to slip edgeways off the high board, but it all ends up lookin like an ol fashioned jig without the banjo music.

What Pa don't know is that the oglers at the other end of the cement pond be conductin their whisperins about the specatacle of Pa's diving board shuffle. As idiosyncrasies go, this one is a real giggler! Even Ma n Sparky behold it as comical. It be reported that their conversation recently went like this: "Ma, I canst believe you married that man!" "Oh, but he was much cooler back then!"

Well, as always, Pa finally scoots to the end o the plank, bounces n gets his 3 seconds o thrill before splashin down. Amongst the onlookers the other day came one who quizzed, "Is that your Pa?" Replied Sparky, "Yep. And we be downright proud o him too!"

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Wheeler Family said...

haha-that is sooo funny :) We need a video, though, I think :)