Monday, July 13, 2009

Dinner Surprise

Cassie n Caleb saw the hoof prints in the mud n dun tracked the prize buck through pine grove, across the marshy bog n down into the holler. There he stood in all his glory...beneath the settin sun a pawin n a snortin.

Caleb poured black powder n lead into Pa's pea shooter, took aim...bang! High n wide.

Sis licked her finger, held it in the air, felt the wind n made the adjustment to the sights...steadied the butt against her shoulder n with a calm n sureness, fired off a second round. She yelled, "We gots 'im Bubba...we sure did. Ahhh....waits a minute...."

"No! Oh nooooooo!!!! That weren't no buck....that was Pa's horse!"

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Charlie said...

This is so funny! Always a laugh at the Erickson Sideshow! Thanks!