Saturday, July 18, 2009

Round Ball n Cracker Jack

We decided to pay a visit to the boys of summer whilst in the Big O. They plays in a pretty big house n the front door be guarded by a rather large critter, but he was all smiles when he saws us n let us right in. The game was a hoot…lots o base runnin n slidin in the dirt. The littlins got their fill o cotton candy n coca cola n we all sang “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” We also sang n danced the letters Y, M, C n A. Not sure what that spells, but we thinks the cheerleaders needs a little more studyin on the subject of ritin. The home team won in the end, but that was jus the beginning…

No sooner was the winners dun congratulatin each others when suddenly the lights was put out n music blared n oh my gracious golly…the sky lits up with colored splosions. Guess they heard li’l Ki had celebrated her bday most recently n bein she was in town, they wanted to show their affections too. Right considerate o them!

The night was still young n there was more celebratin to be had, so we n our 8,000 new ballpark friends headed out to the parkin lot where long lost cussin Tracy Lawrence was awaitin our arrivin. He brought all his boys n they played n played n played some more…pure country! Pa pulled out his mouth organ n Ma produced her Jew’s harp n dun added to the harmonies whilst Ki n Bubba set to square dancin. Just a li’l more country culture showed to the big city folk.

All in all…not a bad day in River City!

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