Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pa's Putterins

Times...they be a changin. Used to be a game was shootin at targets or log rollin or outrunnin the doxies befores theys catched ya n dragged you to the altar. Pa was real good at that one til he ran outta breath one day n gots caught by Ma. Anyhoo, the gamin of a new generation be knockin round a little ball with a club called a putter. The aim be rollin that bitty pellet into what appears to be a gopher hole....pullin it back out n doin it all over again fer a total of 18 putterins. The chilluns challenged us ol timers to a game. It all be fine n good until a gorilla sat on Bubba's ball. Took a while, but we stared down the purple primate n he finally gave it back. We think he n the tiger followed us from the zoo. Ki beat us all by scorin well over a hundred points! Pa came in last place with a pitiful 47. O for the good ol days of chasin country boys n avertin the lassies!

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