Sunday, August 23, 2009

Pa's Girlfriends

Pa got asked out on a date by one of his girlfriends. How could he say no? He gots to hold a pretty girl on his arm whilst checking out hogs n horses at the county fair. Sparky dun made him feel like a youngin all over again. But the outin was only beginnin...

With the sun settin low, the stage lights came up on a toe-tappin band...Little Big Town. Pa succumbed to Sparky's temptins to scurry down to the front o the stage where it was reported that Pa jigged a little to the music...even loaded his girlfriend on his shoulders so she could see the band above the crowd. Pa crooned along with the song about bein born n raised in the boondocks...
You get a line, I'll get a pole
We'll go fishin in a crawfish hole
Five card poker on a Saturday night
Church on Sunday mornin...

Wanderin round later that night, Pa ran into his other girlfriend Cubby. She wasn't at all jealous, but only required a little huggin. Pa had plenty o that for both his blonde beauties.

So how does a date like this end? You strap yourself into a cage n hang on for dear life on the Kamikaze! It is kind of like a dysfunctional ferris wheel...swingin upside down at breakneck speeds!