Friday, July 17, 2009

Mouse Pizza

Chuck E. Cheese be the uglier yet happier brother of Mickey Mouse. Chuck don't run a Magic Kingdom, but he does own quite a chain of pizzarias. So we stopped by to sample his sauce. Not bad for mouse pizza!

We found out that Chuck does more than make pepperoni pies. He runs a much smaller version of his brother's amusement park...more affordable to the patrons too. So we let the littlins loose on the establishment.

Poor Ki, got a little too rambunxious n took a time out in the mouse cage. We learned the cage had all sorts of tunnels n a runnin wheel just like the smaller version. Can't say it was real punishment...I mean, jus look at that grin. Not exactly sad, is she/ She dun learned her lesson n was let out to roam again. Made Ma wonder if they had big mouse traps laid around too.

Bubba found his niche throwin balls at the ol peach basket. Watch out Lebron! Clear the way Kobe! This be the new generation of bucket bombers....least ways that is what Bubba said till Pa Shaq came by n stuffed a few shots...

The boy then tried his, his foot at somethin else. Next thing you know he be shoutin down Pele, Kaka n Ronaldinho n yellin, "GOOOOOOOO OOAAAAAALLLL!!! Yep, Bubba dun bested the li'l goalie n netted one right after the other.

Our bellies full o pie n all our quarters spent, we thought it high time to scedaddle. Besides, Pa's ears was hurtin from all the screamin kiddos...not to mention his sore toes, the result of a herd o chilluns stampedin by to play a little skeeball. Thanks for the amusements Chuck! Maybe next year we'll call on Mickey!

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