Monday, December 15, 2008

Night on Broadway

We always favored the preformances of Hollywood's elite such as our kissin' cousin Greta Garbo and Mister Charlie Chaplin. But then we gots tickets to see a local preduction with a couple o' rising stars. As the deep voice once intoned, "And lo there were on yonder stage abiding those of humble stature, when behold the lights of spotting arose with the strains of J.P. Souza brass echoing joyously. And two from among them strode forth and took their place alongside Mary Pickford and Rudy Valentino in the lore of the Silver Screen."

Good golly, we always realized that actorin' n croonin' were in the blood of our clan, but to see it fleshed out and done passed on to the littlins...well, it sent shivers plumb down our spines. Ma even wept at the loverly Christmas preduction. Pa couldn't help hisself and pulled out his quill and asked of the young luminaries that they inscribe his program with their Hancocks. Good thing they learned their orthagraphy. The autographs will one day be worth a million$$$

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Bamboozled!

Pa was a little suspicious when twas said, "Santa Claus is comin' to town." The jolly gumper ain't got time for such shenanigans what with Christmas just round the corner and all his Christmas business to be gettin' ready! But we thought maybe the elves had 'er all pulled together at the Pole so the big fella could do some pre-hollerday reconnaissance on our town's littlins.

Well, sure nuff, Mister Kringle came a pulled down the street, but it all looked a little fishy. The reindeers looked like hosses and Santa hisself weren't even drivin' his own, wagon! Pa took a start when he got a close look and thought he was actually Uncle Jed in fancy pj's. Nearly the spittin' image of his kin except that the man was missing a mole on his nose and wasn't cross-eyed.

Santa slid off his hay bale and pulled out stockin's stuffed with sweets and the littlin's lined up to receive 'em. That's when we all noticed the Yule Elf wasn't all that pudged up like he was sposed to be. A skinny Father Christmas? Pa sidled up alongside the faker and slid him a package of oreos...double stuffed and told him he needed to eat up iffin he was to play the part correct and all.

Finally Kiki plopped on the imitator's knee and gazed with mazement at the currlly beard and pijama hat...and she grinned with belief. That's when Pa finally let go of his suspicions and realized that it were true. After all, littlins know best when it comes to Clauses and Kiki said he was the real deal! And so Pa states his apologies and hopes he don't get coal in his sock this year.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Erickson Family Photoshoot

We roped the chilluns and dragged 'em in front of the camera for what they call a "photo shoot." Course they was scared, fearin' them bullets comin' out of that short barreled thingamajig called a lens. All sorts of confessin' was comin' outta their mouths as they figgered repentance would get 'em outta trouble. We splained what was splained to us...that it was a picture takin' and the funny name had nothin' to do with a firin' squad for bad behavior. They was a doubtin' it all, so we pulled out the cash and paid 'em all to sit still n smile. It worked...silly littlins! Anyhoo, Pa n me weren't to we hired stand ins fer us, just in case. Besides, if it were truly a picture takin', we didn't want to break the Brownie. So we found these two models. They kinda matched up better with the offspring anyway. We paid 'em too. Turns out nobody got shot...sure as shootin'!

Special gratitudes to Renee Wheeler for shootin' up the family! Check out her website in case you wanna get shot up too! Her link is on the right side. If you like the pics, let us know and we will get you a copy or two...

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Day After Thanksgiving

Y'all know about the special flyers that advertise great Christmas specials, right? Well Ma n Pa got suckered into believing it all and headed to Walmart, arriving a few minutes before the 5 a.m. sales. Never done it before and now we know why. Parking lot was fuller than a butcher's dog. Store was packed to where you had to play a game of dodge to get down the aisles. Pa's target was the Xbox, half the regular price with a free Guitar Hero thrown in. Don't know nuttin' about such electronic marvels, but Santa said someone wanted one. The crowd had gathered 'round all 16 of the boxes....yes, Walmart only had 16 to sell. Someone yelled "Go!" and Pa muscled to the front....actually got his hands on the last box, when all of a sudden a kid crawled between his legs and yanked it away! Guess the kid needed it more than he. Next time when Santa tells us what someone wants, we're gonna retort, "Why you tellin' us? That's your job!" In the meantime, we're gonna be content with what we got already and can't be taken from us, God's Son. As the wisemen once said, Jesus is the reason for the season!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a great day when all the chilluns are home! Turkey Day brought 'em all back for good home cookin' . Reckon they don't get an oven baked bird, mashed 'taters and possum pie at college. And so we got 'er all fixed and gathered 'round the table. We thanked the good Lord for His blessings and then feasted on the vittles Ma made. Delicious!
Pa did his part cleaning up and warshin' the dishes whilst the littlins pulled out ornaments and the biggerins put up the Christmas Tree. We all took our turn on hangin' the fancies and the tree turned out mighty handsome!
Ki got hoisted up to place the angel...but he must have sinned like ye ol' Lucifer, because he became a fallen angel!

Y'all remember to give thanks to who be the giver of all our blessings. He is the One who never leaves us nor forsakes us and gives us the promise of forever hope beyond this earth.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kiki's new specs....

A visit to the eye guy revealed the need for some specs. So, frames were chosen and a few days later the glasses arrived. Kiersten was excited to pick them up at Walmart. As they drove into town, the decision was made to run a few errands first and so they passed right on by Walmart. Kiersten became very worried as she saw the store fade into the distance and began to exclaim, "My glasses! My glasses!" Eventually they returned to the store and our little girl was fitted for the specs. Upon putting them on and walking outside, Kiki smiled and said, "I can see better!" Cute as a button!


What a great Sunday! Worship was the cake and some old friends was the icing! The Kaytons and Egles came to church....they said they needed to hear some good preachin'. Don't know if that happened, but no one seemed to nod off....for very long!

Both families came to our humble home after the religious meetin' where we put out the fine styrofoam china and served up prime beans and burgers. We had 15 total when you throw in a lost Landon Jutten who just wandered in to join the party.

Round about 7:30 they all thought they'd better be gittin'....places to go and other people to see I guess. Seems there was a deer in the pickup that was needin' to be cared for....nice little buck shot the day before. So Curtis, Shelly, Tyler and Conner headed out....but decided to grab a couple more....Cassie, Ethan and Erin. Can't imagine the turmoil in that house over the next couple o' days! Kenny and Rhonda left with the Bash Brothers....Zach and Luke. You have to read the news story about their smash-mouth style of play on the gridiron to understand....

It was a great day with old friends....long overdue! Y'all come back again....anytime!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Kiki is all about fun!

Ask Kiersten to smile sometime. She will give you one of these!

Born to be a fish!

Sorry dad, you can't have your computer back. I'm still playing Clifford!

Firecracker Bday! 4th of July.

I don't just do one party. I just can't celebrate enough, so here we go again! You get more presents this way too!

It's a Care Bear Halloween.

I love my sister. :)

I love my sister, part II :)

I love my kitten!

Boys should be boys and never wear pastels...

The best color for a boy? Camouflage!

Caleb is all boy and loves sports.

Knock it out of the park kid!

What are you lookin' at?

Now this is what we call a boy's Halloween costume!

Caleb is looking for the pin!

Not bad for a day at the pond with Grandpa!

Cleaning This Gun

Pretty girls attract boys. Pa is posting this to remind y'all that he is protective and you need to mind your P's & Q's around his daughters!

Katie & Joe

Cassie & Colby

Well now that I’m a father
I’m scared to death one day my daughter
Is gonna find
That teenage boy I used to be
That seems to have just one thing on his mind
She’s growin' up so fast
It won't be long before
I’ll have to put the fear of god into
Some kid at the door

Come on in boy sit on down
And tell me about yourself
So you like my daughter do you now?
Yeah we think she's something else
She's her daddy's girl
Her momma's world
She deserves respect
That’s what she'll get
Now ain't it son?
Y’all go out and have some fun
I'll see you when you get back
Probably be up all night
Still cleanin' this gun

Now it's all for show
Ain’t nobody gonna get hurt
It’s just a daddy thing
And hey, believe me, man it works!

Son, now y'all buckle up and have her back by...
let's say about nine...thirty.
Drive safe

You raise 'em up...and you are surprised to find out one day that they are growed up!

Eighteen years have flown by! The lives of Katie & Cassie have been marked by wonderful milestones...first steps, first words (dada), first day at school, first date, first kiss (???), first driver's license, first moving violation...and now graduation!

Both girls graduated with honors. That's what them gold tassles and white collars are for. You can see the diplomas in hand too. We are told that they were indeed signed!

Katie was salutorian of the class, which is Greek for pretty good! She gave a speech and did a great job!

Mr. B gives his personal congrats as they walk across the stage.

Good luck girls! The world awaits you!