Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sweet Dreemz

We beguns our vacation by takin li'l Ki to the hospital for whats they calls a sleep test. We was told to get her ready, she needed to be plumb tired, so we kept her up til midnight. Not easy, but round bout 10 p.m., Pa took everyone out for ice cream. Once we got back to the hote, Pa gave a was o.k. to jump on the bed! Then it was ticklin matches. It finally struck 12 n we all turned into punkins n slept. 5 was up time for Ki n Pa who hit the pool. By 10 Ki was noddin off, but we kept shakin her awake until noon. We finally arrived at the hospital for the sleep test....Ki was ready to get some shut eye!

With all sorts of wires hooksed up to her head, they lets her shuts her eyes...out like a light. I don't know what kinds of reception they gets with those machines, but probably be better than our ol' rabbit ears. The doc never did say what he was able to tune in, but we can only imagine that bein they was lookin at Ki's dreemz, they was probably watchin Dora cartoons or America's Funniest Videos.

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