Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why City Folk Shouldn't Move To The Kuntry

You just gotta wonder 'bout some city folk. They need some learnin' for sure. Possums be dinner...not pets! Silly slickers...


Ingredients: lime juice, taters, unions, carrots, mushrooms, bacon, hot peppa pods, salt.

Put water in Ma’s caldron, bring to boil over a fire. Add a cup o lime juice. Drop in the possum and scald quickly. Pull off hair whilst hot. Scrape well, remove feet, tail n innards like you would a hog. Cut off ears, remove eyes n head if dezired.

Put cleaned possum in Granny’s kettle, add water n vejeetables. Simmer over low fire for bout 3 hours until meat pulls off the bone. Pull out the carcass n give to the cats. Toss in hot peppa pods, sprinkle salt. Serve with fried bacon when Pa gets home.

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