Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pizza n Games

Ray n Becky n chilluns done come from the snowy country to see us. Ray be a pizza guy with an interesting twist on marketing...they play Dominos in his pizza parlor...announces it on big signs to draw people in. I guess lettin folks slap down tiles with one hand while holdin a pie in the other makes big money.

Pa was a grinnin to wrestle round with one of Ray n Beck's yunger pups who carries the good fortune of bearing the same moniker as Pa. Here they be...Pa Marshall and Timothy Marshall smartly sportin the Big Red colors.

The northwoods friends stayed a good long time, but didn't overstay their welcome. When we told 'em they best be gittin...they got. When y'all come back, bring us a pepperoni, possum n onion with extra cheese!

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