Monday, March 23, 2009

Fast Food

The chilluns tell us about McDonalds n Burger King n Taco Bell n they says to us that it be tasty vittles cooked at lightnin' speed. That all be fine n good, but Ma taught us all a lesson about what real fast food is. Used to be that Pa would go for days on end into the big woods in search of critters. Brung his gun to shoots 'em. Everbody a waited his comin' home with possum or bear.

Well...Ma done showed up Pa on huntin' the other night. She went for a ride in the buggy n set her sights on a big ol' buck. She hit him at 55 miles per hour. Now that's what we calls Fast Food! Did a bit 'o damage to the buggy, but the venison was deeelishus. Not even Subway can match smoked deer meet on hot biscuits!

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