Saturday, March 14, 2009


We be feelin' a little nostalgic these days, what with our girls bein' off at finishin' school n all. They be leavin' the nest and testin' their wings. Course they flutter back now n again. Katie n Cassie done had a good upbringin' as well as a good education as we learned 'em their ABC's along with cipherin' n such.

We pulled out the picture book to remember younger days. Lo n behold, there was the lasses a grinnin' as they headed out to their first day of schoolin'. Two little tow heads with book packs strapped to their backs.

Now our beauties be gettin' their higher education at some big state braineries. Charm, etiquette n social graces be some of the topics under consideration along with book learnin'. Seems they both be pullin' downs A's in all things 'ceptin the washin'. Whenever they get the inklin' to head home, they brings their baskets of dirty laundry with 'em. Ma has to show 'em all over again how to scrub n slap them clothes against the washin' rock.

Nowadays when they heads out to their new alma maters, they don't strap on the packs but haul away suitcases n furniture along with some of Ma's pickles from the pantry.


Bley's Blog said...

Cute girls...then and now!

Blackmans said...

I love these pictures. It's fun to see what they looked like as young girls!