Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Grins

Well, it looks like ol' Santa must have come even though Pa stoked a roarin' fire in the fireplace. Either Nick had flame-proof civvies when he slipped down the chimney, or our fiersome watchdog lost his growl and let him through the door whilst we was sleepin'. We tried to take our precautions because the pudgy guy keeps stealin' our cookies! But this year he left some boxes under the tree so in the end it seemed a fair trade. At least the chilluns thunk so.

Kiki galloped away on a pony. We just gotta make sure it stays penned outside or else we need to teach our littlest littlin' how to use a manure scoop.

Caleb got his electronic marvel complete with wires and wires and more wires. Playstation 2. He says we can take the thing huntin' and bag a bear or moose with it, but that just don't make sense!

Cassie got some new duds for corn pickin'. The shirt came labeled as a reminder of her summer chores.

And Katie, well she's a book smart gal, but with all her studyin' at the University, she asked for some pleasure readin' material so we bought her the title she requested..."Thesaurus" by Webster. It's appears to be a foreign yarn with big words.

Best thing that Santa done brung was grins. They were pasted on the faces of all our chilluns.

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