Monday, December 15, 2008

Night on Broadway

We always favored the preformances of Hollywood's elite such as our kissin' cousin Greta Garbo and Mister Charlie Chaplin. But then we gots tickets to see a local preduction with a couple o' rising stars. As the deep voice once intoned, "And lo there were on yonder stage abiding those of humble stature, when behold the lights of spotting arose with the strains of J.P. Souza brass echoing joyously. And two from among them strode forth and took their place alongside Mary Pickford and Rudy Valentino in the lore of the Silver Screen."

Good golly, we always realized that actorin' n croonin' were in the blood of our clan, but to see it fleshed out and done passed on to the littlins...well, it sent shivers plumb down our spines. Ma even wept at the loverly Christmas preduction. Pa couldn't help hisself and pulled out his quill and asked of the young luminaries that they inscribe his program with their Hancocks. Good thing they learned their orthagraphy. The autographs will one day be worth a million$$$


sixbehrs said...

Ok, this blog is just too funny!!! I love it! Your kids did great tonight.

Bley's Blog said...

They did do a grat job...I loved watching them, and I'd better snag one of those autographs!