Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kissin' Cussins 'n Other Kin

We be tied by blood to some famous clans like the Hatfields of the ol' Blue Ridge, the Dudleys from Pigeon Hollow and the Clinton bunch from Hempstead County, Arkansas (we don't hear from Bill much anymore now that he got hooked into pollitickin.) But our favorite kinfolk gots to be them Kentucky Hardcastles, those Minneeeesota Fenskes and the Ioway Browns. Of course there be some other Ericksons of the Great Northwoods....and they wuz all hangin' around awaitin' our arrival. We gots to see 'em all after battlin' blizzards and icy rains. Good thing we put snowshoes on our buggy cuz we barely made it through the weather. Oh my, and the chilluns were just a jumpin' when they finally saw their cussins! There be nuttin' so good as a collection of relations after a long apartness. And better yet, we collected around a hickory smoked ham!

Hey Grandpa, bring back the ham! We's hungry too!

The Fenske cussins considerin' the trubble they be in. Jake, Sam 'n Pete. They be the ones who stole the ham!

Sweet Auntie Marcy-Jo.

Big John. Used to fly whirlybirds, but now spends his time around the fishin' hole.

Cussin Allen singin' the Brown Jug Melodee with Ki at the pump organ.

Soooooeeeeey! Auntie Marla, Unlce Tommy and their littlins Ty, Trav 'n Tay.

Cody Brown. Plays baseball without cleats, just like Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Kyle. He be soon strikin' it rich like the Clampetts.

Bug races....a kinfolk favortive past time. Go Scooter!

No, this be not gamblin' be G-rated cards.

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Bley's Blog said...

Nuthin' like spendin' holidays with kin. Glad ya'll had a safe trip and a good time!