Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Barkin' Babee Boy

Don't quite understand the fascination some gurlz have with babee dolls n barbies n such. If you's gonna be makin' ready a child for birthin' n rearin' littlins of theirs own, they be needin' a live critter to practice on. Back when Ma was age 9 and reflectin' upon her nuptials, she picked out a porker from the pen to bathe n bottle feed. Her Ma done practiced with a 'possum. Some generations back chilluns borrowed bambinos from a neighbor, but that all desisted when li'l Gerty Hoss dropped sucklin' Judd Pickens on his head. Story goes they alls learned their lesson that better an oversqueezed critter than a cross-eyed uncle. And so when we determinated that Ki was commencin' to think 'bout babees, we handed her the hound dog and said, "Practice on him!" She be takin' to mutherin' quite naturally!

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Sharon said...

I'm surprised at how well Reese is sitting there! She will be a great mother!