Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gettin' Hitched

Don't xactly know when he proposed, but we insisted that there be no elopin'. We wuz lookin' for a proper hitchin' in the chapel. So Caleb and his betrothed Mary mounted up the altar and spoke some "cross my hearts." Here be a picture of the hitchin' party. Me 'n Pa thunk it strange the vestments, but you know these modern youth....they wear anything! Ki was overheard to say during the vows, "Y'all can't sleep here tonight!" Pa least until he builds a lean-to on back of the cabin for extra sleepin' rooms. It was all such a beautiful thing 'cept for the fact that Caleb chose to change his name to Joe. Guess it's only fittin' seein' as Mary be changin' her last name too.

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sixbehrs said...

ha ha!!! Congrats to Caleb, er, Joe....he sure sang purty.