Sunday, November 23, 2008


What a great Sunday! Worship was the cake and some old friends was the icing! The Kaytons and Egles came to church....they said they needed to hear some good preachin'. Don't know if that happened, but no one seemed to nod off....for very long!

Both families came to our humble home after the religious meetin' where we put out the fine styrofoam china and served up prime beans and burgers. We had 15 total when you throw in a lost Landon Jutten who just wandered in to join the party.

Round about 7:30 they all thought they'd better be gittin'....places to go and other people to see I guess. Seems there was a deer in the pickup that was needin' to be cared for....nice little buck shot the day before. So Curtis, Shelly, Tyler and Conner headed out....but decided to grab a couple more....Cassie, Ethan and Erin. Can't imagine the turmoil in that house over the next couple o' days! Kenny and Rhonda left with the Bash Brothers....Zach and Luke. You have to read the news story about their smash-mouth style of play on the gridiron to understand....

It was a great day with old friends....long overdue! Y'all come back again....anytime!

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