Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a great day when all the chilluns are home! Turkey Day brought 'em all back for good home cookin' . Reckon they don't get an oven baked bird, mashed 'taters and possum pie at college. And so we got 'er all fixed and gathered 'round the table. We thanked the good Lord for His blessings and then feasted on the vittles Ma made. Delicious!
Pa did his part cleaning up and warshin' the dishes whilst the littlins pulled out ornaments and the biggerins put up the Christmas Tree. We all took our turn on hangin' the fancies and the tree turned out mighty handsome!
Ki got hoisted up to place the angel...but he must have sinned like ye ol' Lucifer, because he became a fallen angel!

Y'all remember to give thanks to who be the giver of all our blessings. He is the One who never leaves us nor forsakes us and gives us the promise of forever hope beyond this earth.

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