Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flight Stimulator

Twas an outin' to be remembered, but one to be confusin' Pa's expectations. He done took Caleb to see the Air 'n Space Museum.

Pa didn't understand the attraxion cuz you can't see air nor space. He done thunk there was plenty of that all round the cabin as our regular breathin' proved, but maybe this air smelled better.

So they bots their tickets and went in. Well...bust my was about aeroplanes 'n rockets 'n such! Big birds and some small birds and even a whirly bird.

Caleb was plumb tickled when he got inside a big box called a flight stimulator that spun him this way 'n that, just like he was really flyin'. Pa chose not to get in the box as he did not want that kind of nauseous stimulation.

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